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Terraria is a game about crafting the world of your dreams; defending, exploring and maintaining the beauty of your world wil be your priority!

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1.2.4 New Items


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Video Game

Caption Craft your dream world, defend it, explore it and expand it!
Developer Re-Logic
Engine Software (consoles)
Codeglue (mobile)
Platforms Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Network
Xbox 360, Xbox One
Xbox Live Arcade
PlayStation Vita
Windows Phone
Android, iOS
PlayStation 4
Genre action, adventure, and RPG
Media steam


Terraria is an action, adventure and RPG game, created by Re-Logic Studio for Microsoft Windows, by Engin Software for consoles and by Codeglue for mobile.
The game had a thriving success right from the beginning when they sold about 50 000 copies on the first day of its release, making it number one on Steam for the first 6 days.The game can also be played on PlayStation Network, XBox Live Arcade, Android, Windows Phone and IOS phones and tablets, last of them being developed by dutch studio Codeglue.


T = Throw : Throws the selected item a few squares in the direction the character is facing.
Esc = Inventory : Opens the inventory and crafting interface (allowing the player to Save and Quit (singleplayer) or Disconnect (multiplayer). Ifthe player enabled autopause, the game will pause when he performes this action.
A = Left : Moves your character to the left. Hold the key down for continuous movement.
D = Right : Moves your character to the right. Hold the key down for continuous movement.
S = Down : Makes the character drop down when standing on a Wood Platform. Allows the player to dive in water. Makes character climb down rope.
W = Up : Toggles gravity for character (when using a Gravitation Potion). Slows down the fall speed (when using a Featherfall Potion). Makes the character climb up rope.
Space = Jump : Makes your character jump. Hold the key down for a higher jump. Allows "swimming" upwards (repeated jumping) while underwater if Flippers, Diving Gear, or Neptune's Shell is quipped as an Accessory. Pressing Space while jumping will activate the ability of jumping items like Spectre Boots, Sandstorm in a Bottle, etc. Holding Space with Wings armed will allow you to fly for some period (depending on the Wings used), and glide slowly to the ground.
0-9 = Hotbar Hotkey : Selects an item from the hotbar (1 being the leftmost, and 0 being the rightmost). The hotbar is the uppermost row of the inventory, i.e. the top 10 slots. (The item is merely selected; to actually use it click the left mouse button after making a selection.)
F7 = Toggle Debug : Shows debug info.
F8 = Toggle RxTx : Shows multiplayer connectivity debug info. In singleplayer, all values are 0 and do not change.
F9 = Lighting setting : Cycles though the 4 lighting settings: Color, White, Retro and Trippy, in that order.
F10 = Toggle FPS : Shows your frames per second.
F11 = Toggle HUD : Toggles the HUD.
Enter = Chat : Opens the chat box (multi-player only).
H = Quick Heal : Consumes the first healing item in your inventory (starting from the top left).
J = Quick Mana Heal : Consumes the first mana healing item in your inventory (starting from the top left).
M = Full-Screen Map : The M key, by default, brings up a full-screen map, dismiss screen map
B = Quick Buff : Consumes one of each type of Buff Potion in your inventory.
E = Grapple : Activates/launches the first Grappling Hook in your inventory.
Shift = Auto Select : It will try to select the appropriate tool to interact with the object under the cursor (excepting walls), or a light source if the cursor is too far or no tool was found. The light source will be the first valid one in the inventory (e.g.: A glowstick while underwater).
Tab = Minimap : Tab toggles the minimap between the three modes: portrait, overlay, and hidden.


The adventure is yours to mold! This is actually the whole concept of this game: create the world you like, defend it and craft wonderful and unique items.
The game starts randomly generating a world for the player to explore and modify, having at his disposal 3 basic tools: a pickaxe for minning, a sword for combat and an axe for woodcutting.
There are common resources that can be found all over the map, but there are also other resources that are only encounted on specific parts of the map.
With these resources, the player crafts items, armor and weapons near a crafting station.
Players may encounter different kinds of enemies, like slimes, zombies, etc. Some are actually found depending on: time, zone, random events or player interaction. Players can summon bosses to slain and loot the rare items and a big sum of cash.
Another perk in the game is completing goals, like killing a boss or finding a weapon, for whick the player will be rewarded with a random NPC to populate the struct


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