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Stone Block

Stone Blocks are found throughout the world, but are most prevalent deep underground, where they compose the majority of the Cavern layer.
They have corrupt, crimson and hallowed variants: Ebonstone, Crimstone, and Pearlstone, respectively. When hardmode is activated on a world, nearby Corrupt, Crimson or Hallowed blocks can spread their respective biomes across regular stone blocks up to three squares away. Ebonstone and Crimstone blocks can be returned to normal with Purification Powder, whereas Pearlstone Blocks require Vile Powder. All three types can also be undone with the Green Solution. Unlike their corrupt, crimson and hallowed variants, normal stone blocks can be mined with any pickaxe or with explosives. Deep underground, stone blocks can generate with moss, an underground grass variant.
As a crafting ingredient, stone is vital in the early game to craft the Furnace and Wooden Arrows. It can also be used to craft a variety of different bricks.




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|1.2|Stack limit was raised from 250 to 999.
|1.0.4|Now does not "blend" graphically with mud.


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