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Hard mode

:Not to be confused with Hardcore Mode, the character-specific difficulty setting in which a character has only one life and cannot respawn after death.

Hard mode is an aptly named world-specific mode that is unlocked by defeating the Wall of Flesh. The Corruption and The Crimson spread more rapidly in Hard Mode, and a new biome known as The Hallow is created. New monsters, bosses, and items are available in Hard Mode as well. This mode cannot be turned off - defeating the Wall of Flesh will permanently set that world to Hard Mode, unless one uses cheats. The only way to convert a world back to Easy Mode is through third party editing.

Activating Hard Mode

File wof complete.png
Defeating the Wall of Flesh (WoF) in the Underworld will unlock Hard Mode in that world only. However, some parts of Hard Mode — most notably, the tougher Dungeon monsters and Solar Eclipses — will not appear in your world until Plantera has been defeated. As of now, Plantera does not exist in the console version (1.1).Plantera longer needs to be killed instead a mechanical boss needs to be killed


An update on IOS now let you do hardmode and kill currently 4 HM bosses and like over 100+ enemies and the wizard NPC!!

World Changes

Immediately after Hard Mode is active, a new biome called The Hallow will be created. It will reach from the surface to the Underworld. Also the Corrupt/spawn point, forming a V or an X of Corruption and Hallow.

Also note that destroying Demon Altars will spawn random blocks of Corruption/Crimson or Hallow somewhere underground. However, they will also spawn random pockets of the new Hard Mode ores (Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore, Adamantite Ore or Palladium ore^, Orichalcum Ore^^, and Titanium Ore^^^, depending on how many Demon Altars you have already destroyed). Every time a Demon Altar is destroyed, 1-3 Wraiths will spawn.

Floating Islands can also become hallowed or corrupted/crimsoned.

^Palladium does not spawn in the same world as Cobalt, but will replace Cobalt

^^Orichalcum does not spawn in the same world as Mythril, but will replace Mythril

^^^Titanium does not spawn in the same world as Adamantite, but will replace Adamantite


There are a lot of different types of wings like the Hoverboard,Bat wings,Demon wings,and Jetpack.

The Corruption

Once in Hard Mode, The Corruption will become much harder to maintain and will spread faster and more 'thoroughly' (more blocks becoming vulnerable to the corruption including stone blocks and sand blocks) and even underground beyond the initial chasms. New enemies will begin to spawn (with much higher HP and damage than previous foes). Remember that NPCs will move out when Corruption is closer than 50 Blocks.

As of 1.1.2, Hard Mode adds 8 new Corrupted monsters:
The Console Version additional adds stronger Versions of already existing ones. Among them, the new Corrupted Monsters are:

(Alternate) The Crimson

As of 1.2, If your world spawned with The Crimson instead of The Corruption, The Crimson will go into a hardmode state as well, with its own enemies, blocks and items, The Crimson will still follow the same rules of The Corruption. If your world has the Crimson, you will not be able to obtain Cursed Flame, but instead will be able to obtain Ichor (prominently from Ichor Stickers), which will act in the same way to Cursed Flames in function but the items crafted will have different properties (e.g. Cursed Flames will make the spell Cursed Flames, while Ichor will make the Spell Golden Shower).

As of 1.2, the Crimson will gain these enemies upon entering Hardmode:

The Hallow

The Hallow acts very similar to the Corruption as it spreads across the world, taking over a handful of other biomes. The difference is it's not in your world to begin with (the Corruption(s) is randomly generated upon world creation). Unlocking Hard Mode will also unlock the Hallow (randomly created, taking over a considerable chunk of a pre-existing slot of land). The Hallow cannot pass through Corruption, however. Spreading the Hallow over the world with hallowed seeds is often preferred over Corruption.

As of 1.1.2, there exist 8 hallowed monsters:
Underground Hallow:
Among the stronger Console-Variants, the new Hallowed Monsters are:

Standard Biomes

Once Hard Mode is activated, additional monsters will also appear in the pre-existing biomes.

This monsters should not be under estimated as they pose a threat to people even with high defence.

Bosses & Events

There are some bosses and two events that come with Hard Mode:
The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime are all revised and beefed up versions of old bosses and events. None of these bosses should be taken lightly, and generally would require more than one player to defeat within their night time limits.

Wyvern is a Hard Mode mini-boss. It may spawn when you are at an adequate height (Floating Islands for instance).

Ice Golem is also a Hard Mode mini-boss. It may spawn in Snow biomes, but only during a blizzard (when raining in other biomes).

==Solar Eclipse==
The Solar Eclipse is a randomly occurring event, much like the Blood Moon, but it can only occur during Hard Mode. Unlike the Blood Moon that spawns during night time, Solar Eclipses spawn during day. The only way to unlock the solar eclipse is by killing planterra in hard mode and killing at least one mechanical boss, (the destroyer is the recommended boss, he is the easiest out of the three.) There are 5 monsters that spawn during this event:

==During Blood Moons==
The Clown, an enemy which throws Bombs, can potentially destroy player buildings as well as the environment (Their bombs can no longer destroy tiles as of PC patch 1.2). This is typically prevented by creating a barrier of indestructible blocks such as Dungeon Bricks.

Additionally, ghost-like monsters called Wraiths will spawn in greater numbers during a Blood Moon. They are a great threat as they pass through walls and are difficult or impractical to kill with traps. However, Wraiths can be dealt with by building a floating house, or otherwise creating a large gap between the player's house and its surroundings. This prevents Wraiths from entering the house by taking advantage of the fact that they cannot float higher than ~3 blocks off the ground in open spaces.

File clownwiki.png

  • It is recommended to have Molten Armor and a full molten set before killing the Wall of Flesh.
  • You should always make a Molten Pickaxe before entering Hard Mode so you can gather Cobalt or Palladium as fast as possible.
  • Ranged weaponry is very important before entering Hard Mode.
  • Have a Nurse, a Merchant, a Goblin Tinkerer, and an Arms Dealer before entering Hard Mode.
  • Having a high damage weapon is a must, as most of the pre-Hardmode weapons will deal very low damage. Night's Edge is a good choice for a melee character; a mage may want the Demon Scythe which deals decent damage too.
  • Try to make some fortifications to your house using wire and indestructible blocks.


  • Rarely, when you spawn in a Hard Mode world, you will immediately get hit for 5,000 damage (Defense not included). (Not confirmed)
  • You might still have the Hallow underground if you changed your world to easy mode and every once in a while a Chaos Elemental will spawn.
  • You might not be able to spawn the Wall of Flesh. If this happens, you may need to wait up to 8 Terraria days.
  • On rare occasions, your world will bug out and spawn another Corruption biome instead of a Hallow one.


This article uses material from the "Hard mode" article on the Terraria wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License


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