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    Eye of Cthulhu

    The Eye of Cthulhu is the first boss that most players will encounter in a new world.
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    Wall of Flesh

    The Wall of Flesh is the final boss of "Normal Mode". Killing it will unlock Hard Mode permanently in a world.
  • File npc 262-1.gif


    Plantera is the first "endgame" boss introduced in Terraria 1.2. Defeating him/her will unlock the Hard Mode content in the Dungeon.

Game News

File 19eb77a3fbb1d88dd8837aefc2b26c14.jpg

JAN 16

New 1.2.3 Teaser Screenshot!

The image to the left was hidden in a thread on Terraria Online by Solsund, one of Re-Logic's newest employees!

By the looks of things, players of Terraria will be able to dye waterfalls and wings in addition to armor come Terraria 1.2.3. Further down in the post, there is also an interface for changing the player's clothing colors outside of initial character creation!

These additions and more will be coming in the next Terraria update, which currently has no set release date.


File 170f320a68c5f7ddd3cc50c79a1094e9.jpg


New Coders Join Terraria Team!

Today, Cenx announced that Yoraiz0r and Solsund will be joining the Re-Logic team as coders for future Terraria updates! According to the thread, their first tasks will be "...optimizations, bug fixes, and some fancy new quality of life additions to the game" which are set for release in the 1.2.3 update.

Both Yorai and Solsund have worked on Terraria-related coding projects in the past (several mods for the former, while the latter maintained MoreTerra) and are well-known members of the community, so we know that they will do amazing things with Terraria alongside Redigit!


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