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spawn in cretures

by jaymes3man in Terraria / Discussion

i know terraria has a spawn in creatures like bird and rabbits but maybe make a option where you can open up a menu like creative but it has like the faces of the creatures in the game and u can sort them out by passive or hostile or bosses and you can search a creature in like a zombie or the destoryer then you can left click to summon one or you chould right click to summon ten of them cus i want to be able to spawn like i want to battle 20 eater of worlds and i feel like this will be a awesome feature to the mod keep up the amazing work guys


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This is a good Idea. I hope the Gameiki Staffs/Devolpers/admins will implomate this c:


i was thinking the same thing.it would be cool if you could type in the name of the mob and how many you want but put it as like one of the side bars (have it avalabul outside of creative mode)