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Donating for Beta

by MinerBrine9631 in Terraria / Discussion

For some reason the PayPal link to donate for Beta pulls up a page that says this-

We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at www.paypal.com.

Can someone please help?


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It was left that way because Gameiki didn't want to accept donations anymore.



I'm encountering an issue with the direct credit card payment option as well. The "AuthorizeNet Error: Response Code: 3 Response Subcode: 1 Response Reason Code: 5 Response Reason Text: A valid amount is required." error is returned when I input my information. I've checked several times, and the information is definitely correct (at least as far as I can tell, though I could be mistaken). This, along with the same issue the OP is having, prevent me from donating through any means.

Any help and/or feedback with regard to these issues would be greatly appreciated.



I am getting impatient. It has been 3 months and nobody has solved are problem. Just please fix this now!