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Can Gameiki Provide New NPCs?

by pupguy326 in Terraria / Discussion

I've been wondering for a while if Gameiki could make some NPCs come for the mod. I want the creators to make some NPCs to the mod. I think it would be cool to add NPCs for more items, armor, and other stuff. Here are some of my creations (No Pictures).

1. Gender: Unspecified, Health: 250, Type: Robotic Fox, Sells: Fox Costume Pieces, Mine, Rocket and Grenade Launchers, Heat Ray, Rockets 1, 2, 3 and 4, Megashark, Town NPC, Hardmode.

2. Gender: Male, Health: 250, Type: Blacksmith, Sells: Iron Anvil, Lead Anvil (Depends on ore in world), Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver or Tungsten Hammers, Swords, Pickaxes, Axes or Armor (Same as Anvils), Blacksmith Stuff (Leave Comment), Town NPC, Pre-Hardmode.

3. Gender: Female, Health: 250, Type: Boxer (Don't Ask about the Gender), Sells: Feral Claws, Fire Gauntlet, Night's Edge, Excalibur, Boxer Items (Can't think of any more :P), Town NPC, Hardmode.

All have normal Defense for NPCs (15 Defense)

Leave your suggestion if you don't want more or if you want more, leave your NPCs in the Comments Below.


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ok i was just asking to see if you guys will


It is possible but not on our immediate list of things to do.



i like this idea but i think the boxer sells some op stuff don't you think